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Earthpack is a locally-run, nationwide supplier of affordable recycled packaging for businesses of all sizes.

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See the Earthpack Story

See the Earthpack Story

From who we are, to what we do & how we do it. See what makes Earthpack unique.

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What We Do

We took a simple goal of creating an eco-friendly, compostable packaging option for local California surf shop businesses and quickly grew Earthpack into one of the largest, most trusted sustainable packaging providers in the world.

We offer a limited selection of simple, non-customized packaging options, but most clients take advantage of our quality, in-house design, and distribution services to personalize their packaging.

Thank you for promoting a healthier world through your business. We look forward to working with you!

Our Mission

The Earth and our environment are very important to us. The overall necessity of recycled packaging is critical to our future. Education is the goal of Earthpack: To protect and preserve the future generations. Whether it’s paper or plastic, help us continue this tradition and join our bandwagon to


What They Say

Did You Know?

Every Ton of Recycled Bags Purchased Saves


Barrels of Oil



Hours of Electricity


Gallons of Water


Cubic Yards of Landfill




  • Which bag option is best?

    It is no easy task to determine which bag alternative is most sustainable. How does one judge the impact from so many different perspectives? There are many factors that can make one option better, but from another perspective it may not be the case. Nevertheless, it is widespread thought among environmental scientists that the best alternative is neither paper nor plastic, but reusable bags. The environmental benefits of reusable bags are sensitive to the number of times they are reused as to maximize its lifetime. The goal of this is to use reusable bags as many times as possible. This will decrease materials used in the long run and minimize the impact on the environment.

  • What are the labeling requirements on bags?

    Some ordinances call for specific labeling requirements on bags. The state of California passed Truthful Environmental Advertising for Plastics bill, CA AB 1972. It regulates environmental claims made on plastics unless verified to meet specific standards.

  • What is a recyclable paper shopping bag?

    Typically a “Recyclable Paper Shopping Bag” must not (1) contain no old-growth fiber, (2) 100% recyclable with a minimum post-consumer recycled content of 40%, (3) capable of composting according to ASTM D6400 specifications, (4) accepted at curbside recycling programs, (5) and has labeled (manufacturer, location of manufacturer, % PCR, and displays “recyclable”). Please visit your city or county website for more information.

  • Is there a fee for single-use shopping bags?

    Depending on the ordinance, retailers of many different types may be subject to implementing a fee per shopping bag. It is typically a 10¢ charge on recyclable paper shopping bags but differs from city to city. Please visit your city or county website for more information.