Creating a more sustainable world, one bag at a time.

Since its founding by Dave Bock in 1989, recycling and preserving the environment has been Earthpack’s primary mission. Through the years, we’ve developed a robust catalog of eco-friendly, high quality and affordable packaging options for businesses of all sizes.

Mission Statement

The Earth and our environment are very important to us. The overall necessity of recycled packaging is critical to our future. Education is the goal of Earthpack: To protect and preserve future generations. Whether it’s paper or plastic, help us continue this tradition and join our bandwagon to reduce, reuse & recycle.

Our Clients

Proudly serving a variety of industries and businesses of all sizes since 1989.

Quality Packaging Options, Sustainably Made.

After the plastic industry took off in the 1930s, society has spiraled into a dependency on plastic goods, regardless of the horrendous impact it had on our beautiful planet. Now, a movement has started. Your customers want to see your commitment to Earth, and Earthpack is here to help. For decades, we've been paving the trail with sustainable packaging options. We're excited to support your business as you join the green movement too.

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